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Say hello to Aliter.

Aliter is the Erlang-based Ragnarok server emulator project for the owner who’s serious about their server and serious about development. It strives to be lean, agile and pluggable — providing them with the best experience possible.

Development has changed. Software development has become faster, more agile, more community-oriented and more responsive. More things get done in less time by passionate people who aren’t lazy.

We’re not just a fork of the Athena line of emulators, we’re taking a step back and thinking about what’s been done right, what’s been done wrong and what we can do differently. Why can’t the private server world benefit from all those advances? We’re here to give you a choice. We’re here to shake things up. Besides, friendly competition never hurt anybody. ;)

We need some bodies.

So it's needless to say we're in heavy development. A roadmap would be a little pointless and degrading at this point. But if you have a programmer's background and a love for RO, we'll welcome the help!

We get how companies develop today. We respect it and have even been a part of some of the largest social development projects out there. We know that things need to get done when they need to be but we'll always have a blast doing it.

Anybody can come out of the woodwork to help the project grow and we're definitely not putting any restrictions on that. Donate as much of your time as you wish! There's no commit access nonsense, no bloated hierarchy. Fork our code, do your magic, give us a ring and we'll pull your changes back into the master repository. The only thing is, you'll have to learn Git, but that's stupid-easy to grasp anyway.

Want to chat?

If you want to talk shop, or just hang around we're at #aliter on

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